How to choose hairstyle on face type

How to choose hairstyle on face type

The choice of hairstyle has to proceed not only from wishes, age, length of hair of the person, it is necessary to consider face type also. Competently picked up hairstyle will help to emphasize obvious advantages of appearance, to remove accents from shortcomings.

In pure form the most known types of the person practically do not exist. However the experienced stylist will be able to see signs of any given form – high cheekbones, massive chin or low forehead. And selection of the correct hairstyle will allow to bring closer shape of face to oval.

Shape of face and hairstyle

The oval face is considered the most harmonious, at such form it is possible to make practically any hairstyle. It is necessary only to rely on the intuition and imagination of the master, choosing length and hair color. At oval universal face ultrashort hairstyles and hairstyles with long curls equally well look, all variations of bang, both dense, and thin are allowed.

The round face needs to be extended visually, for this purpose in upper part of the head the additional volume is created. Asymmetric hairstyles optimum are suitable for such form, the main thing is not to do parting in the middle. It is better to give preference to slanting bang, having left the extended locks on each side. For the person of triangular shape the hairstyles counterbalancing the upper and lower part of the person will become find. For this purpose it is necessary to make cheeks open, asymmetric hairstyles which do not draw attention to wide cheekbones will become the most successful option. It is possible to experiment with slanting bang and volume on the top.

Secrets of the choice of hairstyle

The squared face demands the hairstyle which is visually narrowing zone of forehead and chin. It has to expand cheekbones and whisky. Therefore the hairstyles creating volume about chin with symmetric bangs will be suitable for such type. You should not do short hairstyles – they open the person and also hairstyles with straight lines – hair partings or tips. The bang can be made dense, length to eyebrows. For the person of pear-shaped form – with massive jaw and high forehead – it is possible to choose hairstyles with direct bang. Hairstyles at such face type have to be volume around temples. The hairstyle on length has to reach chin or to be a little lower. At the person of square shape it is necessary to avoid direct bang and in general any accurate lines. For such person the ideal choice will become the hairstyle with plumelets expressed by asymmetry, bang sideways. Choosing hairstyle, it is important to take into consideration the growth also. Tall persons will suit magnificent hairstyles with long curls, and with small growth it is worth carrying short hairstyles, smooth hairstyles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team