How to choose hairstyle to the bride with short hair

How to choose hairstyle to the bride with short hair

There is such trend when girls begin to grow specially before wedding hair that it was possible to do beautiful hair. However and for owners of short hairstyle large number of options of laying is provided. So, if you have short hair...


  1. It is possible to turn them into romantic large curls, having wound on all length either only in front or behind. One more option is to make retrohairstyle, having styled hair wave.
  2. In certain cases on short hair the imitation of long successfully looks. For this purpose it is necessary to comb hair back, and to cover back part of the head with veil or brooch.
  3. The standard long veil can be replaced short which keeps much better and is perfectly combined with hairstyle, one more option - coquettish veil.
  4. The fop pirate (it is such openwork hat) will be ideal for the bride with short hair.
  5. The wide ribbon lace tied around the head can become romantic detail of your image. Such accessory was chosen at the time by the actress Ann Hatauey when she married with short hairstyle.
  6. Not bad wedding hairstyles with hoop look. The hoop can be chosen for every taste: with rhinestones, crystals, flowers and even the reticulum veil attached in front.
  7. Flowers in hairstyle of the bride is classics, they always look excellently. The diadem will also be suitable for short hair, at the same time it is possible to comb slightly them on the top to add a little volume.
  8. If you have not chosen suitable option for the short hairstyle, then it is always possible to use laid on locks, tails or yews.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team