How to choose hairstyle to the man

How to choose hairstyle to the man

The men's hairstyle is so important for appearance and integral image of the man, as well as female hairstyle – for image of the woman. Correctly picked up hairstyle and laying is capable to change cardinally male appearance, to emphasize advantages of his appearance, to make it more courageous and more elegant. By means of successful hairstyle the man can vary the style and image, and in many respects at selection of hairstyle he has to be guided by type of the appearance and form of face form.


  1. If you have square shape of the person, choose such hairstyle which will soften rigid contours and will extend the person up. The hairstyle has to create roundish frame around the person. If the face form unites square and triangular shape, the hairstyle has to be slightly uncombed and dense.
  2. Also the multilayer hairstyle with layer-by-layer hairstyle will approach. Too sharp or on the contrary too soft chin can be hidden by means of beard and mustache.
  3. The extended and triangular face can be smoothed also by means of beard and accurate hairstyle in which there are no sharp lines and acute angles. The multilayer hairstyle will allow to make the extended or triangular face more balanced and harmonious.
  4. If the man has round shape of the person, it is necessary to choose hairstyle which will make its shape more courageous – such man will suit small small beard which will make round chin more accurate.
  5. The oval face, in turn, is considered the most universal and ideal form which well looks with any hairstyle. Hair just have to emphasize advantages of proportional appearance of the man.
  6. If man's face narrow in upper part and wide in the lower part, it needs to choose hairstyle which creates sufficient volume and allows to balance upper part from lower, having made the person is more proportional.
  7. Also at selection of men's hairstyle it is worth paying attention to form and the size of nose, distance from nose to mouth and also to the size and section of eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team