How to choose hairstyle to the woman

How to choose hairstyle to the woman

The choice of hairstyle – quite difficult task for the woman. General impression of people around about appearance of the lady in many respects depends on it. Correctly chosen and executed hairstyle is capable to emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings of woman's face.


  1. If you the happy owner of the oval shape of face which is considered as ideal suits you any hairstyle.
  2. With round face it is better for women to choose hairstyle which contour extends up from the level of ears. It is desirable to raise hair on upper part of the head, having left only small amount of locks on each side. Try to create asymmetric silhouette by means of the slanting bang, parting at the side combed on one side hair.
  3. It is better to choose asymmetric hairstyles also to women with square shape of the person. They should give preference to hairstyles with the line of forehead lifted up and also to the wavy hair, partings at the side and hairstyles leaving ears half-open. And here it is better for such women to refuse long thick bangs.
  4. If you have triangular face, choose such hairstyle that its widest part was located at the level of lobes or the middle of ears. The hairstyle with long straight line or slanting bang and curls on the top of the head will be the fine decision for you. And here hairstyles with short bangs are strictly contraindicated to you.
  5. It is better for owners of rectangular face to choose the hairstyle closing ears and framing face with locks of hair. Visually the thick bangs to eyebrows will help to truncate face. Refuse hairstyles with vertical lines and also long straight hair.
  6. Choosing hairstyle, not only consider shape of the face, but also take into account to its feature. If you have long nose, choose magnificent hairstyle with long magnificent bang. With snub nose it is better for ladies to comb hair back. Owners of small nose can safely choose hairstyle with small curls without bang.
  7. Consider when choosing hairstyle and quality of your hair. With unruly hair it is better for women to choose the extended hairstyle. Volume hairstyles with the thinned-out locks are ideal for owners of very fine hair. If your hair thick and elastic, give preference to equal classical hairstyles and refuse tapering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team