How to choose hairstyle to the woman

How to choose hairstyle to the woman

Beautiful hair can be done independently - important only correctly to pick up hairstyle. Not to be mistaken, estimate quality of the hair, own way of life and style. Do not hesitate to address the expert - sometimes the stylist helps to make the right decision.


  1. The choice of hairstyle depends on what hair at you. Too rare and soft locks or shock of elastic curls can strongly limit styles of possible hairstyles. Consider also face type. For roundish faces it is worth preferring hairstyles with soft waves or short steps, extended the graduated caret with bang, and square - graceful laying with side hair parting and the neck opened behind will approach.
  2. Correctly picked up hairstyle can hide some shortcomings of your appearance. For example, the magnificent semi-long caret will cover the bulged ears, the thick bangs will hide wrinkles on forehead, and the graduated locks on each side persons will distract attention from imperfect oval and the floated line of chin.
  3. Solve, what is the time you are ready to spend for daily laying. The women who have got used to gather for quarter of hour will hardly like to do every morning hair 40-60 minutes. Perhaps, for new laying special devices - the hair dryer with the diffuser, curling irons, thermonippers will be necessary for you for hair straightening. Think whether you are able to use them.
  4. Consider that some hairstyles demand frequent correction. For example, very short grafichny hairstyle needs updating each three weeks - exact date of visit of salon depends on how your hair quickly grow. Hairstyles from semi-long hair and also laying with waves and curls are much less exacting.
  5. Choose hairstyle on the basis of which it is possible to do various laying. For example, the semi-long hairstyle with the graduated locks and slanting bang can be altered, having processed hair wax, having twisted them, having straightened and having laid to the person. The huge scope for imagination is provided by various accessories. Rims, hairpins, crests give the chance to create any style - from business to romantic.
  6. Before changing the image cardinally, try on wigs. You will understand whether it is worth cutting off bang, to straighten curls or to be recoloured in the dazzling blonde. Test all possible options, and photograph the most successful images - later you will be able attentively to study photo and to make final choice.
  7. Before hairstyle it is worth consulting to the stylist. The qualified specialist has to consider shape of your head, condition of hair, their poslushnost. If the stylist does not recommend to cut off nape, to experiment with color or to do wave, listen to his opinion. Discuss your wishes - most likely, you will manage to compromise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team