How to choose hand cream

How to choose hand cream

Going to shop of cosmetics and skin care products, we precisely know what face cream we will take what lotion or body scrub will suit us better. And sometimes we forget about hands, and they also need special care: skin constantly influences with detergents, is exposed to radiation of ultraviolet, impact of wind and cold. It is important to learn to choose correctly hand cream that it protected skin, it helped it to be restored and did hands gentle and well-groomed.


1. The basis of all hand creams is formed water (to 80 percent), by glycerin, vegetable or animal fats. But if skin on your hands problem, it is necessary to pay attention to availability and other components. Very rough and dry skin will be saved by cream with lanolin, extracts of curative herbs will help to remove inflammations and to cope with small cracks, and cream with tea tree oil or jojoba oil will have bactericidal effect and will smooth skin. Surely the filters protecting hands from ultraviolet have to be part of cream. Women aged need to use cream with collagen and elastin longer to keep hands young people.

2. In creams for any age category also there have to be vitamins A and E. They are responsible for good nutrition of your hands, recovery of skin, maintenance of healthy natural structure and protection against stress.

3. Buy two creams: day and night action. For the night apply cream with thicker layer, from above it is possible to put on cotton gloves – so you will strengthen its nutritious action. Day you can hire and put it in case of need (it is desirable after each washing of hands).

4. Packing – also important aspect when choosing cream. It has to be dense, ideally under cover there has to be densely pasted plenochka from polyethylene or foil interfering access of air to storage time. Cream in tuba is more convenient in use, it can always be taken, starting on the journey, a lot of place in bag he will not take. Besides, unlike creams in glass jars, there is practically no contact with air and dirty hands, cream keeps the protective properties longer and does not spoil.

5. The following what it is necessary to pay attention to – expiration date. Even if before its termination there was month, leave such cream on the shelf, having given preference to "fresher" packing. Do not buy too cheap and too fragrant creams – it speaks about large amount of the fragrances designed to hide bad quality of cream. The advantage of such creams will not be, and you risks to get instead of gentle skin allergy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team