How to choose harmless hair-dye

How to choose harmless hair-dye

The easiest way to change appearance for the woman the coloring of hair is. But that experiments with shade did not harm head of hear, it is necessary to select the safest painting structures. Whether there are such products? Any stylist will answer what completely harmless paints is not thought up yet, however to find the option sparing for hair in forces of each woman.


  1. If in the past the women could change color and not do much harm to hair only by means of the tinting structures, today it is possible to buy almost harmless resistant paints. This new generation of the painting means – paints for ammonia. Producers promise that such paints do not cause strong loss to hair, at the same time they well paint over gray hair and give saturated color.
  2. To minimize harm for hair when coloring, choose in shops semi-permanent paints without ammonia. Such products are present at lines of many famous brands therefore it is easy to find certain tone. The sparing paints not only do not overdry curls, but also contain vitamins thanks to what they affect structure of hair more carefully.
  3. Except bezammiachny paints, it is also possible to buy paints with the low maintenance of this component. Upon purchase attentively read the instruction, structures reckon with the maintenance of 1-1.5% of ammonia as more harmless.
  4. Safety of hair-dyes will depend also on their firmness. If for you smaller harm for curls is priority, gain coloring structures and unstable paints. They are washed away literally in one or one and a half months and are suitable only for easy change of hair color. Such paints are not suitable for cardinal change of image.
  5. Buying hair-dye, pay attention to content of the substances protecting structure of hair. As a rule, it is the vegetable oils, proteins forming polymeric film on surface. Optimum, if at structure there are plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins, mineral salts which feed hair, strengthen them.
  6. In saloon conditions you can order harmless professional coloring on the basis of natural paints. Synthetic dyes in these products less than one percent therefore saloon paints most carefully influence hair. It can be organic paint or silk coloring popular today.
  7. Henna, basma also belongs to natural dyes. But it is necessary to select them only after consultation of the master colourist because the result can be unpredictable if earlier hair have been painted. By all means carry out the test for receiving shade to learn what shade will present to your head of hear basm or henna. For this purpose at first paint thin lock on bang or nape and then start coloring if you are satisfied by the received color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team