How to choose hydromassage bath

How to choose hydromassage bath

The hydromassage bath is intended for relaxation of legs, their massage. It allows to gain effect which can be received when bathing in jacuzzi. At the same time you receive relaxation, improvement and the real recuperation.


1. Remember that the hydromassage bath is necessary to you not just in hygienic or cosmetology, and, first of all, the physiotherapeutic purposes. Therefore before getting this bath, consult to the physiotherapist. If you have problems connected with veins, then consult with the phlebologist or the surgeon.

2. Pay attention to the modes and options of hydromassage bath. The design of bath has to provide own heating. In case you want to get full-fledged comfort, then choose bath with the SPA element.

3. Check whether massage not only with water, but also and without it can be carried out. It will provide to hydromassage bath quite big sphere of use.

4. Pay attention there is at bath mode of vibromassage or not. This massage is directed to relaxation of muscles and also good strengthening of walls of vessels. In addition, this massage has also the general effect on all organism through certain akupunturny points.

5. Look whether the hydromassage bath has the infrared mode. In this case the water effect will be complemented with thermal. It does muscles by more elastic. Besides, it is possible to use this mode in the form of excellent cure for catarrhal diseases.

6. Learn whether it is possible to use salts and herbs in bath. Not all hydromassage baths are capable to support such procedures.

7. Check that the hydromassage bath steady and does not slide. For this reason there has to be availability of nonskid legs. It is the best of all if they are rubberized.

8. Pay special attention to how at this bath the network cord is stored. In this case it is very good if the design of bath possesses special compartment for it.

9. Check whether there is at hydromassage bath special protection which protects from splashes.

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