How to choose hydromassage leg bath

How to choose hydromassage leg bath

bath with hydromassage effect – the useful device for leg care which removes hypostases tones up skin and masses muscles. The simple device will help to take off fatigue and to relax, it is necessary to take into account all selection criteria only.


  1. Be convinced available the water heating mode. If such function is provided, then holding hydromassage procedure becomes simpler – you should not warm up water every time when you decide to replace temperature for carrying out contrast bathtubs.
  2. Opportunity to use the device without water. If the device keeps massage function without water, then it increases its functionality – it can be taken in trips and travel, to use as the massage exercise machine. In such devices the processing of feet is carried out only by air stream. The same mode you can be used for varnish drying.
  3. The more the modes at the hydromassage device, the more variously it can be used. Availability of function of vibromassage allows to work active points, to effectively relax muscles, to strengthen walls of vessels and capillaries. The infrared mode allows to use bath as the thermal activator of fabrics – this function is used at the beginning symptoms of cold quickly to get warm, etc. Bubble massage brings pleasure and removes spasms.
  4. Availability of the pedicure modes (the built-in pumice, the device for processing of rough skin of heels) allows to use bath in the course of care for skin of feet. If you want to increase efficiency of the procedure, adding grass infusions or sea salt to water, then it is necessary that the device supported such modes.
  5. Pay attention to that, the bath in operation is how convenient. If you are going to carry out procedures in the bathroom, then it is necessary to be convinced that legs of bath will keep on slippery surface. Steadiest than model with the rubberized slips. Qualitative models have the special device protecting surrounding surfaces from the flying splashes during the procedure. Some models have the remote control – you should not bend down every time when you decide to replace the mode. The arrangement of drain hole has no basic value – it can be located sideways or at the bottom of bath therefore choose option, convenient for you.

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