How to choose hypoallergenic face cream

How to choose hypoallergenic face cream

Those at whom skin differs in hypersensibility and tendency to irritations need special cosmetics. Choosing hypoallergenic cream, pay attention to its structure, consistence, features of packing and even smell.

1. Hypoallergenic means - the only option for the skin which is painfully reacting to usual cosmetics. Foundations belong to this category also even moistening, nutritious, anti-aging, protective. Choosing cosmetics, look for on bottle or tube mark "hypoallergenic".

2. It is the best of all to look for suitable means in drugstore. Here sell cosmetic lines of the brands specializing in various skin problems. You can choose young or age skin cream. If you need several means, choose them within one brand. So you reduce risk of possible allergic reactions, besides in complex cosmetics works much more effectively.

3. See structure of components. Cosmetics for skin, sensitive and inclined to irritations, should not contain mineral oils, parabens, alcohols, dyes. It is desirable that cream had no smell and differed in the light, quickly absorbed texture.

4. Consider personal intolerance of any given products. For example, if you cannot use honey, do not buy cosmetics with other products of beekeeping: propolis, pollen, natural wax. Those who negatively reacts to eggs can not suit means with lecithin. Be careful with cosmetics containing extracts from herbs, flower hydroarmour and also high doses of vitamins or fruit acids.

5. Choosing the moisturizing cream, refuse the products containing glycerin, vaseline and their derivatives. These components well hold moisture in skin, but can promote blockage of time. Try creams with urea, glycolic or lactic acid. They are not less effective, do not irritate the person and maintain normal water and lipidic balance.

6. With very sensitive skin it is better for girls to prefer creams in tubas or bottles with the doser. Means in banks are much less hygienic. Buy small packings which will quickly end. Remember that expired cream can damage to your skin.

7. Before purchase it is desirable to test the chosen cream. Ask mini-sampler which will be enough for couple of drawings for the consultant. If there are no samplers, use tester. Apply small portion of cream on bend of elbow and wait several hours. If the itch, hypostases or reddenings is not observed, the chosen cream can be put on face.

8. In the first days after purchase of cream you watch closely skin reaction. Feeling of pricking, burning or numbness - the sign of the fact that means does not suit you. Do not wait that skin "will get used" - incorrectly picked up cream can provoke strong irritations which it is necessary to treat.

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