How to choose jewelry

How to choose jewelry

jewelry will quickly turn classical dress into vanguard or romantic dress. It is not obligatory to buy products of the known brands - inexpensive brands release quite worthy things too. Collect own set for all occasions and ezhesezonno fill up it with novelties - so you will always look stylish.


  1. Before going to shop, touch contents of the casket with jewelry. Perhaps, among bracelets and earrings there will be bagatelles about which you have absolutely forgotten. It is possible that you do not carry them because you cannot find suitable jewelry for set. Find ring which will add the earrings which are already available for you among novelties.
  2. Thumb through fashionable magazines - there a lot of information on the flowers and forms relevant in this season. Even if you are not going to get the last novelties of the jewelry industry, have them in mind. It is possible to find the products which are completely corresponding to fashion trends of the leading jewelry houses in collections of democratic brands of jewelry.
  3. Think what jewelry you wear more often. If you do not leave the house without couple of favourite rings, pay attention to rings. Lovers of necklaces should try on chains, beads and necklace of different styles. If you do not carry brooches, decorative pins or wide bracelets, do not buy them - most likely, new things and will remain to lie in casket.
  4. Look for new jewelry in brand departments of jewelry, jewelry salons or shops of favourite brands of clothes. It is possible to find the small seasonal collections which are ideal for fashionable dresses, blouses and coat in clothes boutiques. The interesting jewelry can be chosen in vintage or antiquarian shops. Take an interest in the range of ethnic shops - for example, Indian or Chinese. Among spices, figurines and textiles very original jewelry sometimes is found.
  5. Having chosen suitable thing, surely try on it. Fasteners have to be fixed strongly, rings and bracelets - freely to be put on and not to fall down. The ideal option is to measure jewelry with clothes about which you are going it to carry.
  6. Make sure that jewelry is executed qualitatively, stones are strongly strengthened, on metal there are no scratches and jags. If you have allergy to non-noble metals, make sure that alloys do not contain nickel - it most often causes irritation of skin. Upon purchase of jewelry demand the certificate of conformity and carefully verify authenticity of thing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team