How to choose lip balm

How to choose lip balm

balm – one of means which surely has to be present at female make-up bag. This is the irreplaceable assistant in fight for beauty and tenderness of skin of lips. Unlike hygienic lipstick which only protects epidermis from ultraviolet of wind and other negative factors, balm treats gentle skin for inflammation, dryness.


  1. Lip balms are traditionally used when usual hygienic lipsticks do not help any more. In other words, these cosmetics serve for elimination of such problems as wounds, peeling of skin of lips, excessive dryness. The name of such products has gone since ancient times when balms made of pitch of the special balsam tree growing in the Middle East.
  2. To choose lip balm, it is necessary to pay attention to its structure, first of all. Cosmetic has to provide effective care for skin of lips therefore its formula has to include nutritious oils. They soften, moisten epidermis, do it elastic. As a part of balm there can be shea butter, cocoa, the carriage, almonds, jojoba, etc.
  3. Ideally the basis of balm has to consist of natural wax. These safe raw materials which will help to protect lips, to restore elasticity of skin. Natural wax forms on the surface of lips the film serving as barrier against action of wind, the sun, water.
  4. Quality balm has to have also in structure vitamins – E, A, B and F. These substances are responsible for beauty of lips, they possess anti-inflammatory action. Pay attention to availability of plant extracts, they promote the fastest healing of skin. Balm can include extract of aloe, camomile. Remedies have to contain also the antioxidants interfering early aging of skin of lips. These ingredients also increase immunity of epidermis, resist to emergence of microcracks.
  5. For the summer period it is better to choose lip balm with ultra-violet filters, it can be moistening. Whereas for the winter it is necessary to take means nutritious, with dense consistence that lips did not dry up. For spring and fall when there comes the period of colds, balm with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic components will approach.
  6. It is necessary to apply lip balm 1-2 times a day, it is for this purpose more convenient to use means in the form of stacks. It is possible to give preference to creamy balsas which need to be distributed by means of brush. Such balms can be not only transparent, but also with certain shade. Buying product, by all means check the term of its validity and also estimate aroma. Low-quality balm will have strongly expressed smell. Not to face fake, it is worth buying medical cosmetics in drugstores.

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