How to choose lipstick

How to choose lipstick

There are no such women to whom there is no lipstick. If among hundreds of various shades, you do not suit any, perhaps, you just are guided not by those criteria. There are several simple steps which will help you to choose your ideal color.

It is required to you

  • Mirror
  • Natural lighting
  • Lipsticks of different shades and textures


  1. Tone kozhislivovy, wine and deep red lipsticks of tone suit those who have swarty skin. Orange, pink, caramel and beige shades go to women with pink subtone of skin. Olive skin is perfectly combined with red-brown, light brown and lipsticks of color of raisin.
  2. The shade to the zuboyena at all at us ideal-white teeth and it influences the lipstick choice too. Coral-red and orange lipsticks will only emphasize yellowness of teeth, and here plum, shade of cocoa and warm pink tone on the contrary will smooth impression.
  3. Form opaque lipsticks are not recommended to gubzhenshchina with thin lips. Owners of chubby sponges and volume mouth, on the contrary, should not abuse damp glossy gloss.
  4. Time sutokv day time, for work or on business meeting choose lipsticks several shades more dark or is lighter than your natural color of lips. More saturated and dramatic evening make-up demands the same lipstick. Opaque and cream coverings – day, brilliant and glossy – evening. Despite this rule there is a little gloss over lipsticks of natural shades, such as nude, will not damage also in the afternoon.
  5. Dryness kozhimatovy lipsticks more resistant, but they demand perfect condition of skin on your lips. If you want to use them, regularly use srubs for lips and the moisturizing lipsticks. If your lips already dry up, choose lipsticks with additional moistening. Let them less resistant also demand regular updating, but you will never appear with dry color scales on lips, instead of magnificent natural covering.
  6. KombiniruyteEsli you accepts texture of lipstick, but the shade does not approach a little, safely correct him by means of gloss or lipstick of other color from the same producer.
  7. KonsultiruytesPosetite shop with wide choice of cosmetics of different brands. Find that which by any given criteria is pleasant to you, and ask the consultant to help to pick up to you lipstick. If you do not accept result, do not hesitate and tell about it. Work of the consultant is in that ideally knowing the range, to help the client to make right choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team