How to choose long hair accessories

How to choose long hair accessories

Long, beautiful, well-groomed hair are capable to improve even the simplest person. However to very few people there are dismissed locks scattered on shoulders. It is much better to bring together them in hairstyle or to pin up, the benefit that for long hair there is set of accessories.


  1. Bandages for hair will reliably fix hair, will not allow them to fall down on forehead and to close the overview. It is possible to pick up bandage for every taste so it will approach both evening dress, and sports suit. In the winter of the girl can indulge themselves with warm bandage for hair which will not allow ears to freeze. Girls with high forehead should approaching watchfully the choice of this accessory, bandages visually increase forehead. It is better for them to give preference to thin bandages which put on hair a little above the line of forehead.
  2. Hoops will perfectly look with direct or wavy long curls. It is possible to take invisible hoop in tone to your hair, and it is possible to get bright wide hoop which will be evident and add at once to your image of saturation and eccentricity. If you wear glasses, then the frame can choose hoop in tone.
  3. Hairpins can be divided into three types. These are invisible beings by whom it is possible to fix reliably small elements of hairstyle, various hair claws by means of which it is possible to collect hair both in strict office hairstyle, and in informal. Also it is decorative hairpins which badly hold hair, and perform only function of decoration of their owner. Especially successfully decorative hairpins look on asymmetric hairstyles.
  4. Often also elastic bands meet on long hair. Unfortunately, on streets it is often possible to meet stylish dressed girls whose hair are tied by children's scrunchy. Therefore, choosing this accessory, show imagination. Elastic bands are narrow, wide, different flowers and the invoice, to the sewn jewelry.
  5. Hairpin – irreplaceable accessory by means of which it is possible to do fashionable hair bunch. When choosing you remember that unary hairpins sticks well keep on fine hair. If your hair long and dense, it is better for you to choose double, and even triple hairpin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team