How to choose manicure set

How to choose manicure set

In creation of image of the woman the manicure has important role. Not all women are able to afford to visit cosmetology office or beauty shop several times a week. Fortunately, in shop it is possible to acquire manicure set by means of which you will be able to look after the nails at home.

1. Buying manicure set, pay attention to the producer. Branded sets considerably differ from consumer goods which are made by the Chinese handymen in handicraft workshops. Ask the master what brands should be trusted, cheap low-quality set will be useless.

2. The prices of sets for manicure quite different also depend on quality and the number of tools which enter it. In this case you should not save as good set though will be more expensive, but it will pay off. High-quality tools for manicure, first, are durable in use, secondly, their cutting edges will not be rebated.

3. You do not hurry to buy the fullest range of manicure accessories as you, most likely, should not use most of them. Pick up to yourself individual option – only those tools which are necessary for you. Set which the manicure shovel, tweezers, scissors with the rounded edges, file and nippers enter is considered the most optimum.

4. When choosing manicure set consider as well features of the nails. For example, selecting nail file, be guided by the fact that the metal, coarse-grained nail file will be suitable for strong nails better. If your nails weak and soft, then it is better to take glass.

5. Attentively examine cuticle scissors, try as they cut. Their cutting edges should not have any deformations and jags, and tips have to adjoin densely to each other.

6. When choosing nippers pay special attention to quality of their production and material. As this tool is used for removal of cuticles and agnails, it has to be sharp, but also it is necessary to manage with it carefully. Handles of product have to contract and spring easily.

7. Check tweezers – try to pull out some hair. It has to be convenient in use, it is necessary that tips were equal and matched among themselves. The tweezers have to squeeze, but not cut off hairs, taking them at the basis.

8. The manicure shovel (shaber) has to be strong. It is made of strong breeds of tree, plastic or metal. This tool has two purposes. One end of shovel is used to remove cuticle, and the sharp end it is smoothed out.

9. Pay attention and to case. It has to be made of quality materials. That at storage the tools were not rebated, their cutting edges with each other in case should not adjoin.

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