How to choose manicure tools

How to choose manicure tools

Even if you are not engaged in manicure professionally, it is just necessary to have high-quality tools in the house arsenal. First, they will come to the rescue if there is no opportunity to visit salon. And, secondly, after the small training you will be able to save money, doing manicure independently.

Accurate and beautiful manicure can achieve only when using qualitative accessories. Before beginning to estimate separate tools, decide on filling of manicure set.

How to choose good set

At manicure set there have to be following objects: the rounded-off scissors, nippers, nippers for removal of cuticle and nail file. Also there is expanded complete set which is complemented with polishing bar, special rake and orange stick.

All tools in set have to be densely recorded and spread out in one subject in cell. The good producer chooses as material for case leather, quality plastic or tree. The design of packing can be absolutely various. Its choice depends only on your preferences: it is more convenient to someone to use case on the lock, to someone box on latches. Manicure set in expensive leather cover can become good gift for the woman.

How to define the high-quality tool

All manicure tools have to be made of steel. Use of other materials for production of handles is allowed to prevent sliding in hand. Check sharpening of scissors and nippers. They have to cut easily the thin sheet of paper, and ideally – polyethylene film. Tips of devices have to be densely close, and pressing handles to happen smoothly. If to get objects which give in to pressing, making efforts, in the course of manicure the hand will quickly be tired. Tips of nippers for cutting of cuticle also have to be closed densely. It is better to get nippers with tip form in the form of oval and not too keen edge. Otherwise you risk to injure nail. For easy cutting of cuticle in the beginning it needs to be removed. It can be done metal shovel or orange stick. Choosing the metal tool, you watch that its tip was not too sharp. It is good if the handle of shovel has ridge surface, so it is more convenient to hold it in hand. Use of orange stick is less dangerous, but has one big shortcoming: the tree does not give in to disinfection. For giving of form to natural nails it is better to use nail files from glass or the rubberized material, they injure nail less. If you prefer metal nail files, choose small granularity. Metal nail files with rough surface will be suitable for artificial nails. Finish manicure polish of nails. Special bar polisher is for this purpose intended. It can be made of uniform material, and can have different sides which differ in extent of dusting. The rigid surface will be suitable for alignment of surface of nail (in the presence of grooves or pigmental spots), and smooth is used for giving of gloss and smoothness to nails.

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