How to choose mask for eyes

How to choose mask for eyes

The eyelid skin as the most sensitive on face demands the delicate address. Therefore means for eye care need to be chosen especially carefully, considering requirements and condition of skin.

  • For mask with parsley:
  • — 2 h spoon of sour cream;
  • — 5 branches of parsley.
  • For mask with officinal herbs:
  • — on 1 tablespoon of camomile, fennel, mint.
  • For mask from sage:
  • — 1 h spoon of leaves of sage.
  • For banana mask:
  • — 1/4 bananas;
  • — 1 h sour cream spoon.

1. Select masks for eyes depending on problems of your eyelid skin. Against puffiness use masks which part parsley is. Small chop parsley branches to kashitseobrazny state. Mix with sour cream. Impose mask on skin around eyes for 20 — 30 minutes, and then wash away cold water. Or, for example, miss parsley roots via the meat grinder. Apply the crushed weight on eyes and wash away warm water in 15 — 20 minutes.

2. You apply on eyelids mask from grated potatoes — the potassium which is contained in it will help to get rid of dark circles and blue under eyes. Grate crude potatoes, put weight in gauze and leave on eyelid skin for 10 — 15 minutes. You carry out the procedure at least once a week within 1.5 months.

3. Choose masks with aromatic oils to get rid of small wrinkles. Every evening in 2 hours prior to dream rub almond oil in wrinkles. In half an hour carefully remove surplus with napkin. After such procedure, cream should not be applied to avoid hypostasis. Also effectively oil from apricot stones struggles with wrinkles.

4. Use masks with officinal herbs at inflammation of eyes and swelling century. For example, prepare mix from camomile, fennel and mint in equal proportions. Fill in 1 tablespoon of collecting with glass of boiled water. Cool to warm state. Moisten cotton pads in infusion and apply to eyes for 15 — 20 minutes.

5. Fill in 1 h spoon of leaves of sage with half of glass of boiled water. Cover and draw about half an hour. Then filter. Warm up one part of broth, and to the friend cool. Moisten two pieces of cotton wool in hot and cold infusion. Put them alternately to eyes. Do such lotions before going to bed. Then grease eyelid skin with camphoric cream.

6. Take mature banana and mash it spoon. Mix 1 h spoon of banana gruel with 1 h spoon of cold sour cream. Instead of sour cream it is possible to use cream or fat milk. Apply means on eyelids. Such mask will help to return gloss to eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team