How to choose mattifying cream for the person

How to choose mattifying cream for the person

Mattifying cream – find for owners of the inclined to fat content, combined skin. Such cosmetic gives to the face desired dullness, for a long time deleting grease gloss. To choose cream with effect of matting, it is necessary to consider skin type, structure of product and other nuances.


1. "Magic" mattifying cream is capable to eliminate undesirable greasy luster and to weaken activity of sebaceous glands. Today it is possible to get tone and day, night cream with effect of matting, they contain the absorbing substances. Such components help to get rid of surplus of fat and for a while to suspend production of skin fat.

2. Traditionally mattifying creams are recommended for young skin therefore most often they are bought by girls aged 25 years are not more senior. Hormonal changes are quite often connected with increase in production of skin fat therefore women are forced to mask unpleasant gloss by means of cosmetics. Upon purchase of mattifying cream it is necessary to specify for what age it is intended. The corresponding marking has to be specified on packing of product. For the summer by all means it is necessary to get means which does skin velvety and protects it from sunshine.

3. Means for matting are most relevant for the problem skin inclined to manifestation of black dots, acne, inflammations. For skin of this kind it is the best of all to choose cream with anti-inflammatory components. In their role the plant extracts, valuable oils, bactericidal substances possessing the disinfecting action can act. It is important that mattifying cream calmed skin for what include salicylic acid in structure of means.

4. Normal skin usually does not need additional matting. Perfectly to look even in hot weather, women with normal skin need to select the matting cosmetics with effect of moistening. It will not pull together skin, cream will maintain balance of moisture at the appropriate level. The matting cosmetics for normal skin can be used and as basis under make-up, powder, tone means and shadows will ideally look with such base.

5. For dry skin it is necessary to find the mattifying cream maintaining optimum water and lipidic balance. This means should not clog up skin pores. For the best action it is necessary to put it after clarification of the person in the morning. All because mattifying creams get deeply into epidermis layers at the expense of what this cosmetics will regulate exchange processes.

6. Upon purchase of mattifying cream it is important to pay attention not only to the brand of product and its cost. It is necessary to take into consideration that universal remedies do not happen therefore it is necessary to select cream ideally after consultation of the cosmetologist. If mattifying creams do not help, you should not refuse visit to the endocrinologist. The excessive greasiness of skin can signal about malfunctions in organism.

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