How to choose means for fight against pimples

How to choose means for fight against pimples

Each woman should choose pimples medicine at least once in life. All of them promise to change wonderfully skin, to purify it and to make equal and smooth. But how not to become puzzled and get what is necessary?

On extent of influence

Before getting tube of means which magically will change your skin in drugstore or shop of cosmetics it is necessary to understand that, actually, you are going to treat. The fact is that pimples, as well as any disease of skin, happen different degree of intensity. And medicines, quickly and successfully coping with one heat-spot which has swollen up on nose can be absolutely inefficient against five or six just the same on all person.

So, dermatologists divide pimples of easy, average and severe form. At easy degree on face there are only several small inflammations, average is characterized by availability of more plentiful inflammation, and at severe form the pimples occupy more than 25% of face skin and can have various amount and intensity of inflammation. If the problem is not really serious, you can get rid of pimples by means of any drying and cleaning cosmetic for the fat and combined skin. Look for cosmetics containing antibacterial substances and azelaic acid.

Serious business

At average weight of damages it is also possible to use specialized cosmetics from pimples with the antibacterial program, but it is better to add it with use of special remedies. The fact is that after large inflammations on skin there can be hems and pigmental spots. Here already it makes sense to consult with the dermatologist who will appoint course of internal antibiotics or specialized hormonal means. The severe form of acne rash demands treatment under observation of the qualified specialist.

As pimples medicines work

Whatever the structure of means from pimples was, all of them work approximately equally: dry skin, reduce secretion of sebaceous glands, interfere with reproduction of the bacteria causing inflammation and narrow channel of the removing channel of cage that it did not become new gate for infection. If on face one-two heat-spots, rather pointwise to apply on it special cream or lotion, but if the problem has arisen with skin in the bigger square, integrated approach is required. The majority of means from pimples are issued in different form today and can be used in complex fight for pure leather. As a rule as a part of the program for fight against pimples the cleaning means for washing, the tonic lotion and cream adjusting and moisturizing the cleaned skin.

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