How to choose medical lip balm

How to choose medical lip balm

In modern shops the wide range of medical balms for lips is provided. It is necessary to choose this means according to its appointment and also considering own requirements.

Medical lip balms and their appointment

Medical balms help to solve the problems connected with dryness of gentle skin of lips, its peeling, emergence on herpes lips. It is necessary to choose balm proceeding from the list of its treatment-and-prophylactic and protective properties, requirements of own skin and also season.

Modern producers produce the moisturizing, nutritious, protivogerpesny, sun-protection balms. Owners of the dry cracked skin of lips need to pay attention to nutritious means. They have very dense fat texture and perfectly soften gentle skin.

Choosing nutritious balm, it is necessary to study structure of product attentively. In the list of components there have to be no such hazardous substances as parabens, synthetic fragrances. High-quality vegetable oils have to be part of effective balm: shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba. And here availability in the list of ingredients of mineral oil indicates poor quality of cosmetic. Vitamins, extracts of various herbs and other useful additives have to be added to good balm. In winter season, antiherpetic and wound healing lip balms are popular. They have bactericidal properties and help to put lips in order very quickly. Such medicine can be used not only as medical, but also as prophylactic. In warm season for prevention and treatment of dehydration of skin it is necessary to use the moisturizing lip balm and also the protectant with ultra-violet filters.

Rules of the choice of balm for lips

Choosing lip balm in shop, it is necessary to consider not only purpose of cosmetic product, but also its quality. Special attention should be paid on the name of the producer and expiration date. Balm has to smell pleasantly. The pungent synthetic smell can cause various allergic reactions. Preference should be given to the balm produced in the form of lipstick or packed into polymeric tube with the doser. The cosmetics produced in tiny jars have property to spoil quickly because of hit in them large number of bacteria. At the weather-beaten shelled lips it is possible to stop the choice on such interesting medical cosmetic as balm srub. By means of it it is possible to process at first accurately leather easy srub, and then to apply on it nutritious structure. It is desirable to buy medical balms in drugstores. Such cosmetics not only looks after gentle skin of lips, but also promotes healing of cracks, elimination of peelings. Medical balms of domestic production often do not concede to expensive import means by the efficiency, but such products several times cost cheaper.

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