How to choose nail file

How to choose nail file

How to choose ideal nail file? What do nail files differ from each other in? What nail file to prefer for natural nails?

Beautiful well-groomed nails - pride of each woman. And to make them such, it is necessary to try. One of the main instruments of any manicure enrollment is the nail file. To buy nail file of work does not represent, however because of huge variety of options it is possible to become puzzled. It is necessary to understand, than files for nails differ from each other. The main characteristics of any file are rigidity and type of abrasive, basis of which it is made, and form.

The rigidity of nail file is measured in grita. The it is more, the more small dusting also is softer nail file. Rigidity 900-1200 grit nail files – the softest, are suitable for polish and grinding of nail. Polish for nails - the procedure injuring. Therefore it is necessary to carry out polish no more than 2 times a month. Files in the range of 200-300 are suitable for giving of form to natural nails. And if rigidity less than 180, such files are suitable for owners of artificial nails.

The abrasive (dusting) differs in material and the size of grains. It can be synthetic (karbit silicon, synthetic diamond) and natural (corundum, pumice, diamond). From type of abrasive the nail file price is defined.

The second important criterion – basis of which the file is made. The most popular - metal, ceramic, glass, cardboard. The metal nail file the cheapest and durable, however, too rough and often provokes stratification of nail. It is not recommended to use. There is kind of metal nail files with dusting from diamond crumb. They do not make adverse effect on nail plate, are convenient, simple in processing. Cardboard nail files the most popular. They are rather soft, do not injure nail, are suitable for all types of nails and cost not much. But, as a rule, short-lived are also afraid of water. Glass nail files do not damage nail plate. Besides, they are beautiful, easily wash and at careful attitude are durable. From shortcomings – the fragility, nail files cannot be dropped. The ceramic file – optimal variant for the exfoliating nails, it is capable "to seal" edge of nail. Such nail files are suitable only for natural nails. It is also possible to delete with them the coarsened skin around nails. The third criterion – file form. Essentially does not affect quality of processing of nail. The form can be chosen, proceeding from individual preferences. Nail files are direct, curved, in the form of boomerang, figured. It is important to remember that nail file – individual subject. You should not share nail file even with the best friend.

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