How to choose night face cream

How to choose night face cream

You get jar of the advertized night cream in shop. But after its use you notice that means does not work. The thing is that you have made the wrong choice.


1. The night cream which is incorrectly picked up by you can provoke appearance of acne rash, inflammation and irritation. Getting means, make a start from type of your skin.

2. If you have dry skin, you need to buy that night cream as a part of which there are vegetable fats (jojoba oil, almonds, etc.). The thing is that these components form protective film which besides holds moisture on skin. The people having skin inclined to fat content should stop the choice on cosmetics with salicylic acid and zinc. These substances have anti-inflammatory effect. Well, and to owners of sensitive skin, it is necessary to focus attention on the night cream made on the basis of vegetable components (liquorice, camomile, etc.). If you have normal skin, buy night cream as a part of which there are extracts of seaweed, mineral oils.

3. Attentively read the instruction. At structure there should not be fragrances, synthetic components. Level of substances of chemical origin has to be minimum. Unfortunately, various emulsifiers and preservatives are technical need of producers, at the expense of these substances the means can be stored quite long time.

4. Pay attention much transfer of ingredients as a part of cream. They are listed in decreasing order, that is the it is less than quantity of component, the further it costs in the list. Let's say if at the list at the first place there are chemicals, and at the end stand natural, then botanical substances in means is insignificant a little.

5. Night cream can be both in tube, and in jar. Use of means in tube is considered more hygienic, you squeeze out only single portion, the remains of means are protected from bacteria. Give preference to that night cream as a part of which there are vitamins, amino acids and peptides.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team