How to choose nippers

How to choose nippers

few girls can brag of magnificent curls. However now it is not problem, there are so many ways of hairdressing. Most quicker curlies can be received by means of special curling tongs of hair. But the choice of nippers in shop is very broad what should be chosen from them? We will also deal today with it how to choose nippers and to what features it is worth paying attention. Follow our step-by-step instruction.


  1. Pay attention to nozzles which are applied to nippers. Each nozzle will help to make various curls: big, small, volume. There are also such options when several nozzles are located in parallel. By means of corrugated nozzles it is possible to create easily waves on straight hair. There are nozzles which will create figured effects on your hair: hearts, asterisks, circles and others. And using nozzles irons, you will be able not to twist, and to straighten hair. The more nozzles, the, naturally, nippers are more expensive.
  2. Learn about material of which nippers are made. Simple and cheap nippers have, as a rule, metal surface. But such nippers are harmful to hair. At frequent use the tips of hair can begin to split. Is as well nippers with ceramic covering, such nippers injure hair much less and evenly heat up. There are nippers with teflon covering, it gives ease of sliding of hair in nippers. In some nippers there is function of processing of hair steam, with such nippers it is impossible to overdry hair.
  3. Pay attention to power. This parameter is very important, the more power, the also nippers will heat up quicker. Usual nippers have the power of 20-50 W. More powerful nippers can be found in professional models. In order that any nippers have heated up, there is enough 1 minute. Get acquainted with temperature condition. The this range is wider, the better. On the most high temperature it will be possible to make curls in only a few seconds.
  4. Pay attention to wire from nippers. It is much more convenient if it is long. Standard wire at nippers – 3 meters.
  5. Ask the seller to check nippers. At inclusion in the socket check how quickly they have heated up whether the handle of nippers is heated at the same time. It will be good if to you allow to try nippers on the hair directly in shop, so you will be able to appreciate them at once.
  6. Learn about guarantee which is provided on goods. It is important if suddenly nippers come to malfunction, they can be returned on guarantee, having exchanged for new or having received compensation. Successful purchases!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team