How to choose nippers for hair

How to choose nippers for hair

If the woman has decided to change the life, then most often first of all it goes to hairdressing salon and changes hairstyle. Thanks to modern developments in the field of household electrical equipment there was opportunity to do different hair every day in house conditions. One of such tools for house laying are nippers for hair.


  1. Distinguish devices professional and household. Undoubtedly, the first it is more preferable as they are equipped with temperature regulator, they more powerful also are more durable, but also is more expensive. Household are not so functional, but their opportunities are quite enough to do houses set of beautiful hair.
  2. When choosing, first of all, pay attention to surface of the heating element, give preference to ceramic covering. As it heats up evenly, risk to spoil hair is minimum. Nippers and with tourist's crimson covering which acts as natural hair conditioner are good, removing electrostatic charge.
  3. The teflon covering facilitates sliding of hair that reduces the number of the injured hair. In recent years there were also surfaces with the silver nanoparticles having antibacterial effect. If opportunities allow, then surely look narrowly at models with function of processing of hair steam. Thanks to them hair are less overdried, but it does not cancel the rule of use of the moisturizing hair preparations.
  4. The next important point ‒ is nozzles. Think over what curls you will do and what nozzles are not necessary to you at all. Simple round nozzles are used for creation of natural curls which size depends on diameter of nozzle. Happen also conic, spiral-shaped and corrugated. They are issued various sizes and form too.
  5. Nozzles-teksturayzery by means of which it is possible to make on hair figured waves in the form of hearts, circles are very interesting. For wave from some producers you can find in sets also nozzles irons though most often such nippers are on sale separately. Therefore if you like to experiment, then buy full range of nozzles. But you remember that they do set more expensive.
  6. Important parameters are also the power of nippers, availability of the temperature regulator and electronic control. Choose models more powerful, with big range of possible temperature and it is obligatory with long wire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team