How to choose nippers for hair straightening

How to choose nippers for hair straightening

there is set of ways of hair straightening, as one of which use of special nippers which quality affects not only showiness of laying, but also on the general condition of hair and their health serves.


  1. Pay attention to class of nippers which can be professional and household. If the main criteria for you – the durability, high power and you does not confuse the weight of nippers and their bulkiness, can choose professional nippers. Nonprofessional models – ideal option for those to whom usability is important.
  2. Select the necessary width of working surface of nippers depending on structure of hair and their length. So the hair are more dense and longer, the this surface has to be bigger. If you want to have opportunity to do easy hairdressing inside or outside, it is worth choosing nippers for hair straightening with the rounded-off plates.
  3. Give preference to nippers which have covering of working surface anode and oxidic or ceramic as they allow to minimize negative impact on hair. Besides, such surface has bigger wear resistance and has anticorrosive properties. Also the covering may contain the silver nanoparticles making antibacterial impact on hair.
  4. Correctly to choose nippers for hair straightening, it is worth paying attention and to availability of the regulator of temperature and protection against overheating. First of all, it will allow to pick up individually the necessary mode, depending on structure of hair and also will give the chance to protect hair from potential damages and their excessive dryness, thanks to possibility of use of low temperatures.
  5. Pay attention to that how chosen model is practical and whether it has elements which can provide you udobnost in use of nippers. For example, can be such elements the rotating cord which will not sputyvatsya at the responsible moment and soft covering of the handle which does not allow possibility of sliding of nippers in hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team