How to choose oily skin toner

How to choose oily skin toner

Oily skin is not inclined to early formation of wrinkles, thinning and excessive sensitivity. But it easily inflames, shines, differs in enlarged pores and uneven relief. Correctly picked up cosmetics will help to adjust shortcomings of oily skin. One of important stages of leaving - toning by means of the degreasing and moistening means.

Tonics: features of product

Tonic - the water-based liquid means intended for clarification of skin, removal of residues of cosmetics, dust and skin fat. The structure of product can include grass extracts, vinegar, alum, menthol, boric acid, glycerin, camphor, various essential oils. Softer tonics do not contain alcohol, but means with small percent of ethyl or salicyl alcohol are shown to oily skin. It well dissolves the fat produced by skin, effectively cleaning pores.

It is possible to find the moisturizing, knitting, refreshing tonics in sale. The softest option - moistening - contains the minimum of alcohol and glycerin holding moisture in skin. Such tonic can be packed into bottles with spray - very conveniently to use them, spraying liquid on face, neck and decollete.

Stronger cleaning tonics are designed to complete process of makeup removal. They may contain up to 20% of alcohol and also extracts of herbs - mints, witch-hazel, rosemary, sage or nettle. Tonics on the basis of thermal water are very useful - they stimulate cell renewal, well purify skin and do not overdry it. Very oily, brilliant skin needs the matting tonics containing the mineral powder which is well adsorbing surplus of skin fat. Such means need to be stirred up before the use and to put by means of cotton tampon. The knitting tonics with the increased content of alcohol, menthol, camphor, tea tree oil will be suitable for the inflamed sites of skin. They are applied on heat-spots and inflammations, trying not to get on gentle skin around eyes. Medical tonics well dry skin, the available inflammations treat and interfere with emergence of new.

We choose suitable tonic

Good tonics are in cosmetic lines of different price groups. Try to buy means without dyes and sharp fragrances which can irritate the skin. Very qualitative means can be found among pharmaceutical brands. Such tonics can not only matt and refresh the person. Some possess lifting effect, actively humidify or well peel skin. On sale there are means of different volume. For daily use it is possible to get big bottles with dosers, for trips there is special travel version. Cosmetologists recommend to use tonic together with other means of the same ruler - so cosmetics will work especially effectively.

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