How to choose online store upon perfumery purchase

How to choose online store upon perfumery purchase

It is favorable and convenient to buy perfumery in online stores. There it is possible to find both the wide range, and the attractive prices, and convenient service – it is possible to order favourite spirits with home delivery. But that instead of original aroma not to get fake or the low-quality copy, it is necessary to choose online store of perfumery intelligently.

How to choose online store of perfumery?

For a start it is necessary to be convinced that the online store possesses necessary certificates, permissions and certificates. Documentation has to be posted on the website of shop in the special section or in the section About the Company.

Pay attention to contact information: phone numbers, the e-mail addresses, ICQ and other contacts for fast communication and also data on availability of the real-life address of the company. The reliable firm provides to visitors of the website full information on the activity and offers clients all possible ways of communication.

Then get acquainted with comments of shop which were left by the previous buyers. But be attentive: large number of the same positive reviews can demonstrate that all of them are written under the order. If statements for fakes whereas the website positions the products as original often occur among them, you should not do purchase in such shop precisely. It is necessary to pay attention to the offered range. If besides perfumery goods of other categories are presented on the website (for example, cell phones, household appliances, goods for the house), probability is high that in this shop sell fakes or copies of the known brands.

How to distinguish the shop of perfumery trading in fakes?

There are several sure signs which will help you to distinguish without effort the online store trading in the original certified perfumery from the unfair seller of copies and fakes: 1. Range of perfumery. The it is wider, the it is more than chances that the goods provided in shop original. The online stores selling fakes usually offer very limited range where only some of the most popular brands.2 enter. Production volumes and availability of testers. Usually in the online stores trading in not certified products, all perfumery is provided in the maximum volumes, for example, on 100 ml. By the way, the actual volume of aroma can be learned on the official site of the producer, and then to compare it with that which offers online store.3. Prices. The cost of original perfumery at the order online almost always more attractive, than in usual shops. Nevertheless, the price of original branded spirits cannot be lower several times in any way. If you see similar price tags, before you fake or the so-called the licensed copies. Besides, in the shops offering counterfeit products, all goods usually sell at approximately identical price. There is also separate category of perfumery online stores which do not hide from buyers that they trade in the licensed products, that is copies of branded aromas. The prices at them are really lower in two, and even three times, but the quality of the range at the same time leaves much to be desired. Of course, upon purchase of perfumery in such shops you will manage to save, but you should not expect that the bought perfume will correspond to the original: copies do not possess firmness (the majority disappears in only 2-3 hours), effect of gradual disclosure of aroma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team