How to choose optimum model of the hair dryer

How to choose optimum model of the hair dryer

For the first time hair dryers have begun to release in the forties last century in Germany. Since then this device has significantly been upgraded, but the principle of its action remained the same and it consists in supply of heated air in the necessary direction.

The hair dryer is device by means of which it is possible to style quickly and qualitatively hair. In modern shops the wide range of hair dryers is provided. Each woman can choose for herself the model which is the most suitable in all respects. When choosing the hair dryer it is necessary to be guided by its power first of all. Air flow rate which will be given by the device depends on this parameter. When choosing power it is necessary to be guided by own requirements.

Up to 1500 Watts small road hair dryers which are very convenient for taking have power. Such device is irreplaceable in way. It will suit owners of short hairstyles. Unfortunately, the speed of drying of hair the low-power hair dryer is insufficiently high.

For house use it is recommended to choose the hair dryers having the power of 1500-2000 Watts. They rather effective are also suitable for daily application. Devices with power more than 2000 Watts refer to category of professional. By means of them it is possible to dry up the head very quickly. Speed of drying can be so high that the woman just will not manage to style hair during this time. For this reason such models are intended for use by professional stylists. At selection of the hair dryer it is necessary to pay attention to availability of various operating modes. Almost all devices have the button of management of temperature and the button of management of air supply force, each of which can be established in several positions. The more positions has the hair dryer, the it is simpler to pick up the optimum mode of drying. Choosing the device for laying, it is necessary to give preference to qualitative models. For house use you should not buy hair dryers with the folding handle. They very often break. Before purchase it is worth taking the device in hands. It should not be too heavy as devices with big weight are inconvenient in use. Air flows which go out of the hair dryer not always correspond to needs of the user. To concentrate or, on the contrary, to disseminate them, special nozzles are necessary. Their quantity significantly influences goods cost. For house use the hair dryer with 2 nozzles suffices.

The nozzle concentrator allows to direct to concentrate air flow in the set direction. The nozzle diffuser is intended for dispersion of air flow. It is very convenient to use it for giving to volume hair.

Some producers release hair dryers with nozzles in the form of the rotating round hairbrushes. These models are rather comfortable in application, but during their use it is possible to injure hair. Such devices, as a rule, have low power therefore the speed of laying is reached by stronger heating of air.

Before laying it is necessary to distribute gel or hair mousse on all their length. Means surely has to be thermoprotective. It allows to keep health of hair, to prevent their fragility.

Dust gets to operating time of the device for laying in it therefore the quality of its work significantly worsens. The good hair dryer has to be supplied with the filter which can be cleaned easily.

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