How to choose oral cavity irrigator

How to choose oral cavity irrigator

irrigator is the device for cleaning of oral cavity giving powerful water jet. But it is not necessary to think that the irrigator can replace toothbrush. It only supplements it, professionally cleaning your teeth and gums. The irrigator cleans such places where the usual brush will not reach, and tooth thread will not clean.


  1. There are several types of irrigators. The most widespread - stationary irrigator. Most often such model works directly from the pipeline and does not disturb the main water flow. But it is not always convenient. In the course of cleaning you will not be able to add special solutions, medicines and fragrances. Besides, from the pipeline there is not always quality water therefore many try to brush teeth water from the filter.
  2. Or it is possible to buy other irrigator - with the water tank. Usually this tank is designed for 0.3-1 l of water. Such irrigators are multipurpose. It is possible to add special liquids for toothbrushing to it. Various devices are included in the package of such irrigator: brushes for cleaning of briquettes, language and cheeks, massage brushes, etc. They also are family. That is each family member can choose to himself nozzle most of which often differ in color. Such device is convenient that it quite compact size also takes very few place.
  3. At last, the last type of irrigator - road. It is small and convenient, runs on batteries or the accumulator. Such irrigator is good for those who often travel or are in business trips. But as the main home device it falls short in parameters, and the supply pressure of water is much weaker.
  4. The water pressure which in different models is regulated by the special handle is considered the main functionality of irrigators; set of nozzles; length of wire and volume of the tank. In modern irrigators it is often possible to meet ultrasonic brush. Such technology of cleaning only appears in the markets therefore the price of it corresponding.
  5. Most often the irrigator can be found in online stores and in shops of electronics, but it is the best of all to buy good qualitative models in the specialized dental centers or in drugstores.

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