How to choose ornament as appearance

How to choose ornament as appearance

know that to choose color scale of clothes and shades of make-up, it is possible, leaning on the type of appearance. It is defined according to color of eyes, hair and tone of skin of his owner. There are four types of appearance: spring, summer, winter and autumn. It appears, each such type suits the jewelry.


  1. Appearance type ""Spring"". It is characterized by the light transparent skin of peach shade inclined to reddening. Suntan lays down easily, but has reddish shade. Most often are linen, straw or light brown blondes. Eyes are usually blue, green or light-brown. As jewelry they will suit graceful distinguished jewelry with sapphires, turquoise, topazes of yellow color, amber, corals, yellowish or cream pearls. From metals all types of gold, platinum. But it is worth excluding carrying silver.
  2. Appearance type ""Summer"". Women of this color type are characterized by light transparent skin, with the translucent blue veins. The flush or olive skin color is possible. Easily sunbathe with acquisition of nut tone of skin. The hair color can be any - from the blonde to the brunette, but hair never have red or golden shade. Eyes can be gray-blue, light blue, gray-green or nut. To such women there is ancient gold jewelry. Gold can be red or white, but not bright yellow. Silver and platinum are ideal. Gemstones have to be cold, muffled, but gentle flowers. Scintillating not really bright ruby or garnet, golubovat-milk opal, apple-greenish jade, gentle-blue aquamarine, gray-green or gray-blue agate, pink or gray pearls, white coral and, of course, diamonds.
  3. Appearance type ""Fall"". These are women with skin of warm tone with golden shade, without hint on flush, often swarty or yellowish. Sunbathes hardly. Hair of all warm shades of red - from carrot to chestnut. Eyes are usually bright, radiant - blue, gray and steel, amber, dark olive, brown. To women of this type there are stones of bright colors, but without gloss. Amber, red corals, topaz of golden color, flavovirent jade, agate of bright colors, yellow pearls. Yellow and red gold will be ideal, and here you should not carry metals of white colors.
  4. Appearance type ""Winter"". The main highlight of this color type is contrast in everything. It is very light skin, transparent-bluish, with dark-chestnut or black hair. Skin has certain similarity of cold porcelain look. Does not sunbathe at all. Eyes saturated bright - black, blue, bright gray, brown, violet - contrast with bright whites of the eyes. such bright women suit brilliant scintillating stones: diamonds, crystal, bright ruby, black onyx, green emerald, white or black pearls. white gold, platinum, silver will suit this type of appearance best of all, and here it is better to refuse yellow gold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team