How to choose outerwear

How to choose outerwear

choosing outerwear it is necessary to consider not only appearance of model, but also merits and demerits of your figure. It is also important whether the clothes approach climatic zone of your residence, way of life and whether it is combined with other clothes.


  1. Owners of ideal figure will suit any models - both short puff jackets, and the extended styles. If you have small breast, buy outerwear with big collar with V-shaped cut. Tall full girls suit long coats of the A-silhouette. Full girls of low growth should refuse the volume clothes shortened flared from breast, choose classical models as length to the middle of knee. Men of low growth opposite suit the shortened jackets or coat, without excess volume.
  2. Choose outerwear depending on your lifestyle: romantic persons will suit coats in floor, it will be convenient to active, vigorous people in warm short jacket, serious, business - it is better to stop the choice on classical length.
  3. Take such factor as age in attention - if you are young - experiment, try bright colors and courageous styles if you are mature person - choose moderate design, quiet shades, emphasize advantages of the figure.
  4. Before purchase of outerwear reconsider the clothes - for certain you will not suit classical raincoat or coat if you prefer sports style and sneakers. Think over all the image - footwear, bag, headdress, gloves if the budget does not allow to pick up all these details to new thing, try to choose outerwear which will harmoniously look with already available things.
  5. Try to choose clothes from quality materials. If you buy coat, study composition of fabric - it is desirable that in structure there was wool or cashmere. The sheepskin coat or fur coat from real fur will better warm you in the cold winter, however if for moral and ethical reasons you prefer not to carry fur - stop on models from artificial materials. Check down-padded coat density - it has to be warm, but not heavy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team