How to choose perfume

How to choose perfume

Spirits - important component of female image. That how harmonious the image in general will turn out will depend on correctness of selection of perfumery product.

Types of spirits and their main characteristics

Many women represent the life without use of spirits. Spirits give them confidence in own irresistibility and help to pay to themselves male attention. Perfumery products - very widespread gift which women receive from the men. Many women prefer to buy such products independently, being guided only by own taste. Will know absolutely not superfluous at the same time some rules of selection of the necessary aroma.

Coming to perfumery shop, it is necessary to decide on admissible price category of product and its concentration at once. Spirits are considered as the most expensive. They are the most concentrated and most resistant. The perfumed water has weaker concentration, and and unstable toilet water is considered as the most not concentrated. To learn to what category the specific product of import production belongs, it is necessary to pay attention to inscription on bottle or cardboard box. The word parfum means that this aroma - the concentrated spirits, the inscription eau de parfum means that in bottle there is perfumed water, eau de toilette - toilet water.

It is worth choosing that type of aroma most of which of all approaches on price category and the purpose. For example, spirits and the perfumed water perfectly will be suitable for evening exits and cold season. In hot season it is the best of all to use toilet water. The world leader in production of perfumery products is France. French perfume is considered as the most qualitative. They differ from cheaper aromas in the versatility. If means allow, it is better to buy small bottle of French perfume, than cheaper perfumery products which is not in consumer demand.

Selection of aroma taking into account specific features

Having decided on type of perfumery and cosmetic product and its price category, it is necessary to choose from the provided variety of aromas the most suitable. It is known that brunettes and brown-haired women suit more saturated spirits with east, spicy, fruit notes. Blondes will suit fresher, gentle, air aromas. At choice of perfume it is important to consider also in what time of day and where exactly the woman assumes them to carry. In the evening and heavier, sweetish spirits are quite relevant to appointments. For work, country rest, walks it is necessary to pick up more neutral and reserved aromas. Anyway, the pleasant spirits need to be tested on themselves. For this purpose they need to be applied to skin and to wait some time. It is desirable not to make purchase in the same day. It is necessary to listen to own feelings and to observe how the aroma as far as it will be resistant will reveal.

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