How to choose perfume for fall

How to choose perfume for fall

The autumn melancholy will be left in the basket if you make friends with great and warm aromas, perfume of fall. We cannot cancel drizzle and to disperse clouds, but correctly picked up spirits are capable to improve mood significantly.

Inhale smell of wet leaves, dry grass, autumn flowers, ripe apples and grapes.

Autumn aromas of September are loop of flying, warm and warming. As though breath of August is present and fills with softness and heat, saturation of the tired sun.

In October there is a wish to think of spicy smells, to be transferred to cozy cafe where smells of vanilla rolls and the warming mulled wine.

November as the coldest month gives advantage to heavier notes, captivating wood and chypre. Patchouli, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom will enter basis of perfume. The palette of smells of fall can be diversified with bitterish and citrus and flower notes of lily, musk and tangerine.

The winter comes with snow, frosts, cold wind. In winter months the fresh smells are a little distorted and felt as sharp and rough. Let's leave them for flying when it wants cool and freshness. Winter time as well as possible is suitable for sweet, caramel, flower smells. Such bouquets will help to banish despondency and depression of cold winter. Ginger and chocolate, not roles and jasmine, orchid and fragrant moss for a long time will linger on skin, will warm and will please. It is good if almonds add aromatic bouquet.

In the winter perfume more long-playing, but less saturated. Apply drop of perfume on wrist, behind ears and the ensemble of aromas will begin to sound in a different way.

Choose toilet water in which concentration of essential oils will be higher, and the resistant shleyfovy aroma will accompany you throughout the day.

Spirits can be applied on outerwear. More precisely, on seams not to leave marks of essential oils. Products from real fur are capable to keep aroma long. Scent gloves or scarf. The flavored accessories will leave after you pleasant aroma.

The spring is awakening. Awakening of the sun, the first flowers and green kidneys. The nature wakes up, people want changes. Great time for updating of clothes and pleasant female trifles. Let's leave heavy aromas of the left winter and we will plunge into the world of ease, freshness.

Flower, berry and fruit smells are the cornerstone of spring aromas. These are vigorous and sensual spirits, but fresh and unostentatious. Task to shroud them gently and to carry away in zero gravity. Look narrowly at perfume which is saturated with oils of freesias and lilies, lilacs, hyacinth and violet. In combination with notes of citrus they create magic ensemble. Smells of blackcurrant and jasmine will clasp you in arms of attractiveness and sensual charm.

When choosing toilet water look narrowly at bottles of gentle shades. They can be gentle-pink or blue, filled with aromas of fine spring.

The hot summer aggravates smells and feelings. The romantic spirit of this season transfers perfume. It is filled with breath of summer thunderstorm and hot day, juicy, ripe fruit and sea breeze, saturation of herbs and flowers. Notes of juniper, rosemary and lavender, mint and tropical fruit - favourites of summer season.

In hot summer days we wish freshness and cool. Use toilet water, they it is easier than spirits and will give to your image harmony and ease.

  And most important. Let spirits will present you pleasant emotions and good mood regardless of weather or season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team