How to choose perfume for office

How to choose perfume for office

The image of office worker consists not only of strict suit, moderate make-up and accurate hairstyle, but also of the perfume chosen by her. But if the appearance is somehow regulated, then not all think of the used smell, and it harmoniously finishes dress.

Office taboos

Choosing perfume for office, you should reckon not only with own taste, but also with opinion of colleagues who can not like saturated and suffocating aromas. Avoid sweet edible smells – caramel, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, raspberry, plum. It is admissible that their hardly noticeable note was present at your perfume, however it should not prevail. Bright flower perfume will be also not the best option. The jasmine, rose and hydrangea are capable to cause migraine attack in your colleagues subject to this illness. It is better to leave vintage and east aromas for the evening. In club or restaurant they will look more appropriate, than in small study.

Choose not shleyfovy spirits for work. The aroma should not be felt after your leaving.

Moderation and not persistence

Good office perfume for the girl has to be hardly noticeable to people around. Pay attention to light citrus aromas. They load with energy and stimulate mental activity. Water and ozone smells, toilet water with notes of greens, wood or moss will be also appropriate. If you the beginner in collective and for the present do not know how other employees treat aromas, but do not wish to cause them possible inconveniences, stop on something hardly noticeable. Green tea or bamboo are hardly heard and, most likely, will not disturb the people who are near you. As a rule, many aromas unisex also appropriate look as office perfume. They are not persuasive and pleasant to both men, and women.

Even if your neighbors in office are very loyal to smells, it is not occasion to pour out on themselves on half-bottle of fragrant water. Besides them, you also should contact to clients and the administration.

Correct dosage

Important not only to pick up office spirits, but also to be able to use them. Even the most unostentatious aroma will begin to smother if you go too far in its quantity. Try to be limited to couple of zilches and let you be not confused that you do not hear smell – your sense of smell has already got used, but it for certain reaches people around. It is better to apply perfume houses, but not how to come into office. Many compositions have sharp initial notes which can cause hostility in people around. If you want to update smell, it is also best of all to do it not in office. Leave for several minutes and return to colleagues of already fragrant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team