How to choose perfume to the man

How to choose perfume to the man

Before holidays, whether it be anniversary of acquaintance, birthday or on February 23, women begin torment itself with the choice of gift for darling. Perfume will always be and was always the most popular and democratic gift for men.


  1. Before starting the choice of men's fragrance, it is recommended to get acquainted with novelties of fashion trends. Most likely, among the most fashionable aromas, it is possible to find that perfume which will be able to be ideal for your partner.
  2. If at selection of perfume is not available for darling of special preferences, it is possible to rely on own intuition and taste completely. By the way, it is not always important to choose for quiet men too cold aromas, and for those who not assidious – bright. On the contrary, for quiet and phlegmatic young people, brighter aromas will add vigor.
  3. In the course of the choice of perfumery water for the man its age features have huge value. For men of the senior 40 years it is not recommended to buy light aromas because such smell mainly will be suitable only for appointment or the celebration held at night. Young guys should not buy heavy aromas with pronounced tobacco note.
  4. In the course of the choice of men's fragrances it is necessary to pay attention to type of bottle and convenience of its use. Many bottles can have absolutely unusual and intricate form, but most often men are attracted by standard options which easily open and are quickly sprayed. Besides bottles of this kind look much more solidly and more impressively that very much is pleasant to men.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team