How to choose powder: secrets of ideal tone of the person

How to choose powder: secrets of ideal tone of the person

woman has the opinion on how to choose decorative cosmetics and as it is correct to put it. Professional makeup artists recommend to level at first tone of the person to receive ideal make-up.

Correctly picked up powder – one of the main components of the equal and shining skin color. The choice of this cosmetic depends mainly on features of skin and also is connected with personal preferences of the woman.

Powder happens: compact, friable, in the form of balls, mosaic and mousse. Compact powder is recommended for daily application. It has compact dimensions, tight case, the built-in mirror and sponge inside. But it has minuses. In comparison with friable powder, she lays down on skin more densely. It is not so simple to pick up the correct shade to disguise problem sites.

Friable powder is easily applied to skin, creating effect of natural tone of the person. To put denser layer, it is necessary to gather more powder on brush if to take less powder, then skin will become opaque. From minuses – not absolutely convenient powder box, as a rule, of the big size, powder is applied with brush, not comfortably to carry it in handbag or make-up bag, it can easily be scattered.

Powder in balls happens two types: monophonic and multi-colored, it is better to use multi-colored, it allows to mix the necessary shades in make-up. Powder gives effect of shine to skin and well reflects light. Makeup artists usually use it as the adjusting means because it not bad masks defects of skin.

Powder mosaic due to variety of flowers perfectly hides skin shortcomings. – it is difficult to put minus with even layer.

Powder-mousse is combination of tone means and powder, faultlessly adjusts and levels tone of the person and also moisturizes and recovers the skin. It is not necessary to use such powder to women with pronounced time.

When choosing powder you should not be guided by popularity of the manufacturer and the price because the most important is its structure. Quality powder has to consist mainly of components of natural origin, it should not contain fragrances and parabens.

Correctly to pick up powder to tone of skin, apply the shade which was pleasant to you on nose bridge and estimate result. The choice of powder needs to be made both at day lighting, and at artificial lighting. Select powder in tone to foundation, it is desirable to use the same brand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team