How to choose problem skin powder

How to choose problem skin powder

Increased requirements are imposed to problem skin powder. She has to hide ideally skin shortcomings, give it healthy look, hide roughnesses, at the same time not hammer time and allow skin to breathe.

1. First of all in make-up bag of any girl with problems of skin mineral powder has to appear. It remarkably masks any reddenings, inflammations, pigmental spots, hems from eels and pimples. Besides it does skin opaque and smooth. Thanks to the fact that among minerals at structure there is zinc such powder remarkably deals with all problems of skin, but at the same time does not clog up pores. All minerals in similar powder are very carefully processed that allows them not to lose curative properties.

2. Such powder is absolutely safe for skin. Usual powders mask flaws by means of dyes, allergenic fragrances and chemicals, mineral powder does it due to natural properties of minerals. Powder of this type can be found both in massmarket, and in elite cosmetics. It is very important to pay attention to composition of mineral powder upon purchase to avoid acquisition of low-quality product. Experts recommend to buy pharmaceutical, professional or elite mineral powder.

3. This means can be issued both in friable, and in compact look. The last option, of course, is much more convenient, but regarding cases too solid particles of compact powder can irritate and injure epidermis so for problem skin it is much better to choose friable powder.

4. The natural kaolin, calcium carbonate, ground silk, nutritious kollagena, talc and light oils are part of friable powder on the basis of minerals. The similar structure allows friable powder to mask remarkably even the most noticeable shortcomings of skin. It should be noted that mineral powder not only smoothes roughnesses of skin, but also looks after her, protects from ultraviolet rays and other aggressive environmental impact. Extracts from herbs thanks to which this means can suspend inflammatory processes and even to remove irritations surely are part of mineral powder.

5. Owners of skin with expressed to acne need to pay attention to special mineral powder which part anti-inflammatory additives are. It will allow not only to mask problems, but also to fight against them.

6. For putting powder on problem skin it is the best of all to use brushes (and to wash them after each application) or disposable tampons. The sponge collects skin allocations on the surface that does it by not too good option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team