How to choose professional hair-dye

How to choose professional hair-dye

Modern means for coloring of hair happen two types. The first option can be got in any shop of household chemicals, these are available paints for house, independent use. The second look is on sale either in beauty shops, or in specialized shops. There you can buy professional paint after which use your hairs will become shiny and will gain deep color.

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - developer;
  • - mikston.


  1. Choose paint without ammonia content. With this question you will be helped by producers of qualitative means for professional coloring. Consider that similar dyes have shortcoming. The lack of ammonia does not allow color to linger on hair for a long time. Most likely, in month you should repeat the procedure of coloring. But hair will remain healthy, having avoided serious damages.
  2. Pick up necessary color. In the international system of production of hair-dye the marking of tone determined by ten-mark scale is accepted. These figures, but not the picture on box and the colourful name, have to help you when choosing.
  3. The first figure in number designates depth of tone of your color from 1 to 10, to be exact from black to white. As marking at each producer can differ, only approximate names are provided. 1-black, 2-dark fair-haired, 3-dark chestnut, 4-brown, 5-light brown, 6-dark blond, 6-fair-haired, 7-fair-haired blond, 8-light blond, 9-very light blond, 10-intensive blond.
  4. Pick up tone to the main dye. The second figure designates the main shade of color. Certain scale where 0-natural shades, 1-ashy, 2-lilac, 3-golden, 4-red, 5 mahogany, 6-red, 7-cold natural shade, 8-chocolate is applied to designation. For example, paint with the first figure 2, will designate that you have chosen darkly fair-haired color if the second figure is 0, the tone will not have any shades. The third figure means additional shade which makes about a half of saturation of final color. It is marked as well as the main.
  5. Compare the color to the chosen palette. Depending on desirable result, it is necessary to pick up developer. 1.5% solution is necessary for processing of the decoloured hair. 3% oxide will help when strengthening of the available color to match. 6% of peroxide will clarify hair on 1 tone, 9% for 3, 12% for 4 tones.
  6. Use mikstona if you need to neutralize or, on the contrary, to strengthen any shade. These are additional shades which are not applied in itself, and work vspomogatelno. Mikstona happen the following types: red does tone warmer and nasyshchenny, but is forbidden for mixing with ashy shade. Lilac liquidates yellowness, green removes red tone, gray strengthens blond and does it quieter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team