How to choose protective cream

How to choose protective cream

Frosty and sunny days, skis, pipits, driving on sledge or even just walks - the winter pleases with all variety of snow entertainments. But, unfortunately, cold air not in the best way influences skin. Help to protect its open sites from cold not only warm clothes, but also protective cream. When choosing these cosmetics it is important to remember that different types of protective creams can make different impact on skin.


1. For skin as sensitive to the winter sun choose cream with the UV filter. On sunny frosty day before exit to the street put it on face. It will allow to solve such problems as reddenings and dryness. For protection of skin in windy weather get means with the expressed moistening effect.

2. In cosmetic shops choose that protective cream which will render effect necessary for you on skin. For example, for very dry skin buy cream with nutritious effect. And for the oily skin inclined to microinflammations, means with light texture perfectly will approach. At the same time it is important to remember that any good protective cream in 10 - 15 minutes is completely absorbed in skin, without leaving greasy luster.

3. Pay attention to creams with the content of essential oils. For example, orange oil promotes increase in elasticity of skin, oil of lavender cleans and feeds. Rose attar not only gives to cream unforgettable aroma, but also has the softening effect.

4. Pay attention and to other parts of body. During cold weather it is especially important to protect sensitive skin of hands. Otherwise it is possible to face such troubles as peeling, reddenings and cracking. Buy protective hand creams on fat basis with large number of nutritious components. Attentively read structure of means. Try to buy cosmetics with vitamin E. It is perfectly absorbed, promoting skin rejuvenation.

5. Pick up skin care products of legs. Especially important in winter time to humidify and protect sensitive skin of shins. It is more subject to dryness and irritations. Choose in cosmetic shops creams on the basis of extracts of herbs with the healing and nutritious effect. Surely you apply cosmetics for body after shower, the bathroom, visit of the pool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team