How to choose razor

If it was possible to be cut with the razor seriously in the course of shaving earlier, then today for men the set of safe devices is created. Each man wants to choose the razor which is providing optimum result of removal of hair and not injuring at the same time skin.


1. Considering question, than to have a shave to the man, most often mean machines as rotor, net and electrorazors though provide optimum result, but it is difficult to use them on the way, on vacation or in campaign.

2. Machines are repeated and single. Disposable machines are used extremely seldom today. Unless when there is no other exit. Then it is really very simple to buy the machine, to use and at once to throw out it. The single device is not capable of bigger - its edge is rebated after one application. Besides the similar machine is not equipped with the softening strips and other devices facilitating the procedure of shaving and doing it to more comfortable. Therefore disposable devices use for domestic needs, for example, removals pellet from clothes more often. To choose razor on once it is worth paying attention to products of the German firm Schick and the French producer BIC.

3. Much more men like reusable machines with replaceable cartridges. The leader in this area – the German company Gillette which has subdued men the revolutionary MashZ systems. Though BIC mentioned above and Schick are popular too.

4. To define, than to have a shave to the man, it is necessary to understand that you wait from shaving. If you want the cartridge to have served as long as possible, stop the choice on platinum edges which long remain sharp. Such machines release Schick and BIC. That who needs to reduce irritation of skin and to improve quality of shaving, cartridges with floating heads from Gillette Mach3 will approach. Also the firm releases cartridges with the edges moving diversely. Such system provides ideal shaving. Edges reckon with mark of Protector 3D Diamond which are covered with diamond dusting as the strongest and durable.

5. Huge plus of the repeated machine is that once having got it, it is possible to buy and change various cartridges as often as it is required to the man. Someone has enough 2-3 edges to have a shave faultlessly, and someone wants the cartridge in the 5th edges as he possesses sensitive skin.

6. Besides, when choosing the machine it is worth paying attention to availability on the cartridge of the softening strips and microcrest which raises hairs, helping edge to cut off them at the root. Such functions have equipped not only Gillette devices, but also S.Quire, Geo. F. Trumper and KAI Industry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team