How to choose resistant hair-dye

How to choose resistant hair-dye

to change the appearance is peculiar to women. As a rule, experiments begin with curls, producers of hair-dyes constantly try to surprise with various novelties and various shades. To understand sometimes them and to make right choice very difficult.


  1. The paint choice, as a rule, depends on the desirable level of firmness and on that shade of hair which you want to receive as a result of coloring. Allocate three levels of the painting hair preparations.
  2. The hair-dyes relating to the first level are used only for coloring of curls. They are considered as unstable and are washed away after 4-10 contacts with water. However these means are recognized as the safest as their structures do not contain hydrogen and ammonia. It is possible to carry to them, first of all, coloring shampoos. They are called still disposable as the ready dye capable only is their part to shade hair color, but will not be fixed. Besides, unstable dyes are inconvenient for the reason that in interaction with moisture they easily leave marks on clothes or headdress.
  3. Paints which carry to the second level get into structure of hair, unlike coloring means more deeply. The peroxide of hydrogen which is their part allows not to be washed away to shade within 1-2 months. It is possible to carry the semi-resistant paints having soft effect on hair to similar means. The fact that at their use there is no strong difference between the painted and grown hair is considered their main advantage.
  4. Carry resistant paints to the third level. When coloring hair them, color remains until you independently do not decide to recolour them. They are ideal means for painting of gray hair or for cardinal change of image. The shade will keep within several months, but nevertheless it is necessary to tint often quickly growing roots of hair since the difference will be quite noticeable. The main lack of resistant paint is the content in it of ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen which do harm to hair. Therefore it is recommended not to exceed time of keeping of dye on curls which is specified on packing.
  5. When choosing hair-dye pay attention to its color. For this purpose you need to study the basic data. If you want to emphasize the natural color, then stop the choice on the most similar shade of paint. He can be recognized by means of the first figure, specified in the catalog of designation of flowers. It is necessary to remember that the natural hair color can be defined only at day lighting.
  6. When choosing color of paint it is necessary to consider also your shade of hair at the moment. If your curls dark, then result same as on sample it will not turn out, it is more muffled. Light locks, on the contrary, when coloring in saturated tone will be the brightest. Anyway it is necessary to compare shades to and later, represented on box. Owners of gray hair should be especially careful with the choice of shade of hair-dye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team