How to choose resistant shadows

How to choose resistant shadows

The make-up executed with use of resistant eye shadow looks effectively as at once after its drawing, and several hours later. Resistant shadows long time are not showered and do not lose the saturated shade.


  1. Resistant eye shadow - product which is necessary for the women who do not have opportunity constantly to correct make-up. Such cosmetics can hold on on centuries for several hours and at the same time the make-up will look as if it only that was put. To look attractive, choose resistant shadows correctly.
  2. Give preference to cosmetics belonging to the middle price range or even to luxury range. It, as a rule, has very decent quality. Besides, getting expensive shadows, you can test them on yourself as producers always supply the goods with samplers.
  3. Resistant shadows release in the dry, baked, creamy look. The most resistant products - creamy. Resistant dry shadows practically differ in nothing from usual. Their main feature is that they are not so strongly showered. To increase even more firmness of the dry or baked shadows, you apply them on eyelid by means of damp sponge.
  4. If there is opportunity, always test such products on yourself. When choosing creamy shadows, you watch that they were not hammered into folds century. It is especially relevant for owners of deeply put eyes. The ability of shadows to lie during century even layer and not to roll down depends as well on their formula. Remember that shadows with nacre and large spangles are the most resistant.
  5. Before purchase of cosmetic product attentively study its structure. In it there should not be parabens and synthetic fragrances. Pay attention not only to quality of shadows, but also to quality of their packing. Good cosmetics is not packed, as a rule, into cheap low-quality cases and boxes. It has to be pleasant to be held in hand.
  6. Also the quality of brushes, sponges is of great importance. Them it has to be convenient to apply product to skin. Choosing creamy shadows, give preference to products which are packed into mini-flakny with nose doser. Shadows in jars need to be gathered fingers, and it is not absolutely hygienic and causes fast damage of product.
  7. Do not buy shadow with unpleasant smell and always check expiration date and date of development. Do not buy products with the expiring period of storage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team