How to choose rings with diamonds

How to choose rings with diamonds

Since ancient times of ring with diamonds were used as wedding, symbolizing gravity of feelings of the applicant. Diamond is one of the most expensive stones inserted into jewelry. The fashion for this stone never passes, and jewelry with it will be suitable both for the business lady, and for the very young girl.

It is required to you

  • magnifying glass with tenfold increase, emery paper


  1. Getting ring with diamond, it is worth paying attention to number of the characteristics speaking about quality of stone.
  2. The facet is of great importance. So, diamond "plays" with round facet on light stronger, but at the same time such stone is much more expensive than the fellows in fantasy facet losing on intensity of sparkling. However diamonds in fantasy facet are distinguished by appeal of their forms and the name of facets of very few people will leave indifferent: "marquis", "princess", "heart" and so forth.
  3. Look at stone more attentively, on it there should be no spots or other shortcomings. If by means of tenfold increase it is impossible to consider shortcomings, then such diamond is considered big rarity and differs in high quality that affects its cost.
  4. Color of stone influences the price too. So, diamonds in which the yellow shade prevails are less valuable, than colourless stones, with big degree of purity and transparency. But there are diamonds of rare flowers – brown, black, pink, blue and so forth. Such stones are very expensive.
  5. Diamond weight, of course, matters if to compare stones of identical characteristics. Whereas the small stone, but more perfect, than big diamond, costs much above the last.
  6. But you should not forget that first of all the ring with diamond is got to emphasize beauty of hands of the owner. And in this case it is worth looking narrowly at them more attentively. Length of fingers, form and completeness of palm, all this has to be considered at acquisition of ring.
  7. If it is necessary to reduce visually palm width, it is worth getting decoration of the extended form, it will make fingers longer. Stones in facet of "marchionesses" or extended, coming to naught, "pear" will be suitable for these purposes.
  8. Owners of slender fingers should get rings in which stones are executed in facet of oval, "chubby" pear or "marquis". Diamonds in round facet will also look very attractively, especially if the frame of ring is executed interestingly.
  9. The big, multilevel ring will perfectly look on the woman's hand with big palm, and here on the small handle it will look too bulky.
  10. Rings with stone more 10th carat will suit owners of large hands more, and it is worth putting on rings with small diamonds graceful handles, weighing 1-2 carat and with talus of small stones.

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