How to choose safe hair-dye

How to choose safe hair-dye

Choosing color of hair-dye, women are guided only by the taste. But, if beauty and ukhozhennost of hairstyle matters, then it is necessary to approach quality and safety of paint from the point of view of professionals.

Experts of the world of fashion recommend to use only paints of the well-known companies which have proved from the good party. But even they should be checked carefully, cosmetics are frequent subject of fake and falsification of swindlers.

Quality hair-dye costs very much, but it is not the reason to save on your health and beauty. Second-grade cosmetics can lead to head skin burns, poisoning with evaporations of ammonia and possible developing of skin allergy.

Choosing hair-dye, it is necessary to show care and to check that in its structure there were no salts of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury. Good hair preparation has to contain the looking after natural oils - shea butter, the carriage, olive oil and also extracts of useful herbs - camomiles, calendulas, etc.

There are several modern types of means for coloring of hair. Coloring shampoos are the weakest and sparing from the painting means. Through several sessions of washing of the head the shade received by hair without difficulties will be washed away from the head. Semi-resistant paint is also rather sparing means. Is exposed to coloring only upper layers of hair. Paint such will not suit the women wishing to change cardinally color scale or to get rid completely of gray hair. Resistant paint. When coloring hair the painting pigments get to the most central layers of hair. As usual caustic substances (ammonia, oxidizers) are part of such paint, but they are necessary for permanent coloring of hair, it is not necessary to be afraid of them. Substances amines with which sometimes replace ammonia is even more harmful and aggressive. Quality paint of this look has to keep on hair not less than a month, even at everyday washing of the head.

Now in cosmetic markets the huge choice of all possible dyes for hair is provided to visitors. The rich assortment, but it is necessary to be guided well in it. On poll of female population hair-dyes of the following firms have been recognized as the best means: Belkolor, Blaansh, "Matrix", Garnier, Carmen, "Palette", "Wellaton", "Cream-Excellance", "Rokolor biotone". These means have shown high quality, the increased firmness and effective painting of gray hair on experience. All listed above means belong to the category cream-paints. They are very convenient both for independent use in the conditions of the house, and for professional coloring in cosmetology salons. Such means for hair-dyeing will hide unwanted gray hair and will give to hair healthy and natural image. All manufacturing firms have tested the means released by them regarding allergic reaction and compatibility with any types of hair.

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