How to choose seamless linen

How to choose seamless linen

linen – irreplaceable thing if you put on the fitting dress, polo-neck, skirt or trousers. However it is possible to carry it with any clothes, due to the lack of seams such linen is very comfortable and pleasant to body.

Some women prefer to wear seamless linen in everyday life, replacing with it classical. They can be understood, with seamless linen it is possible to forget about such problems as rubbing, squeezing, etc. It is practically not felt on body. Modern producers of underwear offer wide choice of models. This both the classical closed linen, and open tango. It is possible to choose linen with high or low landing. In couple to shorts you will easily pick up seamless bra or undershirt.

How to choose seamless linen

Choosing the linen size, be guided by your clothing size. Seamless linen is made of elastic fabrics and well lasts. If you want dense landing, choose the size slightly less than yours.

Color of linen is better to choose classical: beige, white, black. Such linen will become universal option, and you should not puzzle every time what to put on under dress. Women with curvy shapes when choosing seamless linen should pay attention to the models executed by the principle of corsets. Such linen is made from dense fabric. Having the dragging-away effect, it will correct problem places. At the same time the cost of seamless linen is several times lower than special dragging away. With sensitive skin and tendencies to allergy it is better for people to choose models with cotton content. All rest can look narrowly at microfiber, it keeps look and form of linen better.

Pluses and minuses

The most important advantage of seamless linen – lack of seams. It is not visible even under the thinnest clothes. In addition, seamless technologies are in demand among producers of sportswear. Linen for sport possesses good support and does not constrain in movements. Linen without seams sits as second skin: it is not felt, does not rub, does not press and does not leave marks on body. Microfiber in structure does not allow it to be rumpled. One more plus: seamless linen is on sale separately. It saves from problem when the top or bottom of set does not approach by the size. At the advantages such linen possesses one big minus: it does not perform the supporting function. Therefore only owners of elastic breast and buttocks are able to afford it. Qualitative seamless linen needs to be bought in the checked shops of underwear. It will save you from purchase of product from cheap raw materials of poor quality which can cause allergy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team