How to choose set for manicure

How to choose set for manicure

Hands of the woman require special care and care therefore manicure becomes compulsory procedure which needs to be carried out regularly. But not all are able to afford to visit salon at least every two weeks, often for this purpose there is just not enough time. Fortunately, in shop it is possible to choose set for manicure of almost professional quality to do this procedure in house conditions.


1. The price of manicure set is defined by quality of the tools entering it and their quantity. It is better not to save on quality – such tools can use very long, and their cutting edges should not be undermined. Besides, high-quality tools, as a rule, have the convenient, ergonomic form, well lie in hand and do not slide.

2. There is no sense to buy manicure set with large number of tools, the majority of which you will not use. Pick up to yourself in what there will be necessary minimum of accessories. Sets of five objects are considered as the most popular. The shaber, scissors with the rounded edges, tweezers, nippers and file enters them.

3. Consider features of the nails. It is important at selection of nail file – it can be with large or small dusting and also combined. Firm, strong nails can be filed coarse-grained metal files. For soft on structure buy set with glass nail file or get it in addition.

4. Check, cuticle scissors as well they cut are how sharp. Examine their tips, they have to adjoin densely to each other, on them there should not be jags and the deformed sites.

5. Nippers nippers use for removal of cuticle or hangnail. Their handles have to spring and contract easy, without efforts. The quality of production and material are especially important for them. Sharp nippers will demand from you care and accuracy at treatment of them.

6. Examine tweezers, take it in hand, be convinced that it is convenient. Check that its working planes were equal, matched with each other, squeezed, but did not cut off hairs. Try to pull out it some hair on hand, it have to capture him at the basis.

7. The manicure shovel – shaber, should not bend. It can be executed from tree of strong breeds, plastic or metal. It is the two-sided tool. The end which is executed in the form of rake remove cuticle from the surface of nail, the sharp end is intended for zachishcheniye.

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