How to choose shampoo for growth of hair

How to choose shampoo for growth of hair

Growth of hair slows down or at all stops at various stressful situations: bad ecology, improper feeding, various diseases. For renewal of growth of hair it is necessary to eliminate adverse factors and to use special shampoo.


  1. The thinning hair very quickly lose the attractiveness. They become fragile, dim and lifeless. Shampoo for growth of hair has to be enriched with various natural components which will recover health to hair. Therefore, going to shop behind similar shampoo, first of all pay attention to its structure. It is desirable that in it there was no alcohol, sulfates, parabens, silicones. Consider that professional shampoo for growth of hair never connects to the conditioner by the principle "2 in 1". It is better to get the looking after series which contains several means: shampoo, balm and mask.
  2. Amino acids are those substances which are responsible for growth of hair and their resistance to external adverse factors. Such substances as "tyrosine", "histidine", "taurine", "glycine" and "lysine" belong to group of amino acids. They do hair obedient, brilliant and attractive. Aminoskislota is construction material for hairy part of the head. Pay attention to the structure of hair: it consists of protein for 65%. The basis of proteins is formed by amino acids. It is considered that amino acids I promote penetration deep into of hair and head skin of useful substances. In addition to it they participate in metabolism in hair follicles and strengthen roots of hair.
  3. The protein is the substance close on structure to amino acids. It is also compound component of hair. Proteins work for preventing hair loss and to strengthen their growth. Use shampoos with proteins strictly according to purpose. As a rule, such means are intended for limp hair. As soon as hair are recovered, stop using shampoo with proteins to the following course. For strengthening of growth of hair in shampoo there can be substance under the name carotene and beta carotene (provitamin A). These substances affect elasticity and quality of hair. Also they protect head skin from excessive drying.
  4. Substances which strengthen blood circulation of head skin surely contain in shampoos for growth of hair. It can be mustard, burdock oil, extract of pepper tincture, burdock root. These components belong to natural means therefore they do not do harm to hair. But sometimes the individual intolerance of components meets. Therefore before use apply shampoo on the small site of head skin and look at reaction. If you have sensitive skin, do not use shampoo with the content of pepper as from it there can be irritation.
  5. Apply shampoo to growth of hair according to the following scheme: in the beginning moisten hair with water, then apply on them shampoo and rub it in head skin. So, you wake the sleeping hair bulbs. Carry out massage movements on all head not less than two minutes, and later wash hair with water and apply on them the conditioner. After shampoo use always try to dry hair in the natural way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team