How to choose shape of nail

How to choose shape of nail

Thin translucent and brittle or chubby soft and cozy – female fingers are different. The only thing that unites them (in any case, has to unite) – ukhozhennost and faultless manicure. Manicure begins with the choice of shape of nail. And how hands will look depends on this choice.


1. There are several types of nails – oval, round, pointed, square and rounded off. When choosing shape of nail it is necessary to be guided by the type. There is "gold" rule according to which the form of free edge of nail has to repeat cuticle form. However today it is optional to follow it. And here that important - it is form and length of fingers. By means of nails of certain form it is possible to level visually thick fingers, to extend short, to distract attention from massive joints.

2. For example, the square shape of nail with not filed corners well looks only on the extended fingers with not too large nail plate. And here its intermediate option – rectangular marigold in the rounded-off corners, is ideal for short and full fingers. The pointed shape of nails perfectly looks on brittle, distinguished and aristocratical hands.

3. Length and shape of nail, by the way, depend also on the varnish chosen by you. Black and any dark varnish will visually reduce the nail size, "will truncate" finger, and therefore it is contraindicated for short marigold of the rounded-off, rectangular forms. But will perfectly look on the long oval or pointed marigold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team