How to choose spirits for winter

How to choose spirits for winter

Not to be mistaken with choice of perfume for winter, it is necessary to know number of important rules. It is slightly more difficult to select perfume for cold season, than for flying as it is possible to miss and gain easily too easy or on the contrary too heavy aroma.


  1. When choosing perfumery for winter give preference to more saturated, concentrated and long-playing aromas. Circulation of cold air happens more slowly, than circulation of warm. Skin becomes to the land in the winter, and therefore reflects smell less actively. At last, at this time in general the sense of smell at people becomes dull. All this leads to the fact that slight, low-concentrated spirits, not to mention colognes and toilet water, almost do not become heard.
  2. Avoid traditional summer aromas: ozone, green, majority citrus and fruit. Weak notes of flowers and fruit will not be able to keep even on your scarf.
  3. Ideal option for winter – amber, or as they are called still, oriental aromas. Viscous, tart, saturated, they possess long loop and will remain with you for all day. Aromas of this family at all not necessarily age, heavy or luscious, everyone will be able to pick up option which will please. The great choice of east aromas is offered by the selection perfumery.
  4. More exotic option for fans of experiments – leather aromas. They are intended only for fall and winter. They, as a rule, are under construction on chord of juniper, birch and tobacco.
  5. If above-mentioned options nevertheless are unacceptable for you, look for aromas easier, but with steady notes: Uda, musk, wood, fern.
  6. Universal recommendation about purchase of spirits: listen to aromas not from blotter (paper sampler), and on the skin. Often spirits which perfectly reveal on your skin from bottle or from sampler sound unconvincingly. It in particular concerns bright evening and winter fragrances. Trying spirits, do not pound them as it changes their formula and consequently has begun to smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team