How to choose srub from black dots

How to choose srub from black dots

The best means for cleaning of face skin of black dots, inflammations and dead cells is the srub. It is very important to choose correctly this means for the type of skin that it was effective.

1. Competently picked up srub does skin clean and soft and deeply cleans pores. At regular use of this means it is possible to normalize blood circulation, to nourish skin with oxygen that will make it younger and fresh.

2. It is important to remember that srubs cannot be used daily as it can break balance of salt and water and to thin protective layer of skin. Daily use of srubs can overdry skin that will lead to emergence of irritations and various rashes.

3. Define the type of skin, proceeding from it, choose suitable srub and frequency of its use. Owners of dry skin should carry out face cleaning of times in 2-3 weeks, owners of oily or normal skin can do it once a week.

4. Oily and problem skin demands more careful clarification therefore at srubs for these types of skin there have to be abrasive particles of the large size. They will help to remove serious pollution and to clean pores from the subcutaneous fat which has jammed into them. Srubs with sea salt or the crushed stones of fruit best of all will be suitable for oily skin. Look on sale of means with cosmetic clay, it well removes greasy luster and narrows pores. If you have very oily skin of the person, you can use srubs 2 times a week, but is not more often.

5. To owners of the sensitive skin inclined to irritations, it is worth paying attention to srubs with camomile flowers, extract of tea tree, aloe, grapes extract, mint leaves. Look for options with soft small granules which will not be able to damage the surface of skin.

6. If you are happy owner of normal face skin, pay attention to means with moderately rough abrasive particles. As a part of the srubs which are ideal for normal skin there have to be crushed coffee beans or loofah. Choose the means created on the basis of berry or fruit essence with addition of vitamins and essential oils.

7. It is the most difficult to find suitable srub for dry skin, it has to not only clean the surface of face from black dots and dead skin, but also humidify it. As a part of srub there have to be soft granules which are quickly dissolved when you massage face. The overdried face skin will be helped by such components as oil of avocado, sunflower, wheat germs. Honey and panthenol have good impact on condition of dry skin. Reaction of this type of skin can be very unpredictable therefore it is necessary to apply srub, since small fragments of skin.

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